Hotel Misconception Finally Debunked

Hotel Misconception Finally Debunked


Hotels are these places that people stay in whether for vacation or businesses. Hotels can either be small to big and decent to luxury. It can be a very simple and humble place to a place where you don’t even need to go out because everything is inside the hotel premises. Depending on your taste, your preference or your budget. There will always be a hotel that can your criteria, you just have to look for it.

The hotel business is a very competitive market, there will always be a competition versus hotels to make their place bigger, better, even throw in some promotions to entice people to go to their place to stay and avail their products and services. This is a good thing because the winner at the end of the day are the customers of these hotels.

This is also because there are certain misconceptions about hotels that people should know.

The misconceptions about a star rating: There is a big misconception about a star rating, people think that star ratings are the same as chefs getting their Michelin Stars. It’s not a question of performance, the good food, the customer service and so on, it’s actually more like a hospital kind of thing. It’s actually capacity based, so never grape sour if you are on a tight budget and you only got to stay in a 1-star hotel. Keep in mind that there are even hotels that don’t even have a 1 star and you might never know, that charming little hotel might just be the best hotel in that certain place.

Never take a hotel at face value: Never take the place by face value, regardless if it’s a 5-star hotel. Keep in mind that you are not going on vacation just to simply stay in a hotel for the rest of your vacation. Regardless if it has tons of promotions or it looks good in the picture, you still need to investigate if the hotel is a good fit for you. Like the amenities, the rooms that they have, room service, location, customer service, cost and most importantly the reviews.

A 5-star isn’t always the best: Remember the 5-star rating is capacity based and not because of performance, you always have to know what you want. Are you in it for the luxury, the comfort, space, the savings, the location, the cost. You have to always weigh your options. If you’re a person that loves to just pack up and go, and a 1-star hotel across the train station is more ideal than a 5-star hotel that you still need to ride a cab for 30 minutes in order to get to the nearest station, then it’s already pretty obvious what you will choose. Convenience is not always found in a 5-star hotel that is a fact.
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