Tactical pen is an effective self-defense tool. It is a writing instrument with practical combat-oriented features. It's almost the same as a regular pen but the difference is that the tough outer casing allows it to be used as a stabbing weapon. Generally it's a pen made of much sterner materials than the normal ballpoint. There are also a few characteristics built into it. Which characteristic you'll get depends on the model you purchase, as does the materials used in constructing it.  A Tactical Pen is designed to serve damage if called upon in an emergency. Thus, the tactical pen becomes a multi-use instrument. Glass-breaker tips are also useful for first responders as police, firemen or EMTs may have to break glass in order to free a person inside a car. They're a good item to have as you can write with them as well as you can also use it to cause some serious hurt if you need to. Getting a tactical pen is actually a good idea like carrying a gun with a holster and solid gun belt is more difficult than carrying a pen. In pinch, an attacker can be stunned with a few well-placed shots from one. So its good for those people who do not wish to carry a gun for self-defense. They are famous because they can be hidden in plain sight. The big benefit of tactical pens is that they don’t appear to be a weapon to others. But, if used perfectly, they can save your life if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. They are small and easy to carry. It's actually a resourceful multi-tool.  A typical tactical pen is a functioning pen but in contrasting to regular pen, tactical pens have: * An extra-sharp ballpoint that can be used in case of danger. * A blunt end that can be used to break through blockades, even glass * A machined steel or aircraft-grade aluminum body that makes it useful as a weapon. * Some also come with extra characteristics such as lights, lasers and a handcuff key. Benefits: Tactical pen is a durable pen. Its most apparent benefit is that you can use it as your everyday writing tool. The best tactical pens have changeable cartridges, too, so a pen can be used for a lifetime.It also used as a multi tool because some tactical pens have a set of mini tools inside them that functions as a screwdriver, bottle opener, knife, and a small wrench. Tactical pens are 100% discreet. These pens look and use like any other pen, so they don’t fascinate any attention or cause any alarm. Target areas for attacking: Even though you can attack anywhere on the body with a pen but the unguarded spots will be the eyes, hands, armpit,bicep and the throat. Always try to attack on soft targets. A prick with the pen into the bicep will cause hurt and discomfort. A stab on the face will do the same. The other areas of the body mentioned are quite self explanatory, they will damage and cause life changing or ending injuries if you deliver the move with force. There are different degrees of efficiency and material construction and some are simply better than others. The plastic varieties do exist but aircraft-grade aluminium or tensile-tough titanium are better. Both metals are greatly tough under pressure and can carry out their task as a pen, a flashlight and will not split when used as a self-defense weapon. The grip must be a knobby and it should be preventing abrasion otherwise it will be difficult to hold onto, especially under pressure. Quality pens will not only look good, but in terms of performance , their tips will be durable and they will fit into your hand easily. A secure pocket clip that won't bend is necessary to secure carry and quick draws. As like any weapon, a tactical pen will only be useful if you are practiced and prepared to use it perfectly. 

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