How To Clean Rugs: Oriental Rugs And Area Rugs

Oriental Rugs


Do you think your rug could benefit from a deep clean How to clean a rug? You can easily bring your floor coverings back into life by learning how to do it yourself. Even though area rugs bring a room together they are subject to a lot of foot traffic and pet spills. Vacuuming can be tedious after a while. It’s not enough to keep it clean. This is why it’s so handy to learn how to do this yourself.

A simple project that you can tackle yourself is area rug cleaning. The task can be done yourself, except if your rug is delicate, such as an antique or Persian rug.

It is not necessary to maintain a specific schedule for rug cleaning. It is best to clean the rug only when it is visible that they are dirty or has an odor. You can refresh the worn areas of your rugs by reading this article. They will look just as good now as they did when you unrolled them.

1. Make Sure You Have All The Tools And Supplies That You Need

Here’s what you’ll need for a successful area rug-cleaning job:

  • Rug shampoo (or mild detergent soap)
  • Bucket
  • Soft-bristle toothbrush or sponge
  • Water


  • Rubber gloves
  • Garden hose
  • The vacuum can be used wet or dry

2.  Eliminating Dirt And Other Debris

Thoroughly vacuum the rug on both edges. You want to remove all traces of dirt and debris. To remove any stray hairs left behind by pets, you can use the brush attachment.

3. Mix Your Cleaner

A rug shampoo can be used to clean your carpets. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing shampoo.

Alternately you can use mild dish soap mixed in a cup with warm water. Hot water may shrink or cause the rug to fade.

4. Do A Color Test

Before you begin to scrub, check to make sure that the cleaner is not causing the colors of the rug to run. You can test the cleaner by rubbing it onto a corner of the rug to verify that it is not causing color bleeding. If the color isn’t bleeding, you are safe to proceed to the next step.

5. Wash The Rug

Use a sponge to clean the rug. Let the cleaner sit on top of the rug for five to ten minutes before you start rinsing. Any less than this will result in a shorter cleaning time. Give it five minutes and then you can start to lift dirt.

6. Rinse Your Rug

Rinse the soapy residue from the rug with a garden hose, or buckets of warm water. Make sure the soap has been completely removed from your rug.

7. Removing Excess Water

This is where you want to remove all excess water from your rug so that it dries faster. If you have one, you could use a vacuum that is wet-dry or a squeegee.

8. Let The Rug Dry

Before cleaning, let the rug dry. Dry the rug before laying it flat. Next, dry the rug’s underside. The fan helps. Dry the rug before returning it.

9. Vacuum Or Brush Out The Rug

Cleaning can crush threads and fibres. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Enjoy your clean carpet! You can clean a rug whenever you want.

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