How to Maintain Transparency in Elections

Transparency in Elections


When planning your elections, a key goal is to make sure the tabulation process is transparent and fair. A transparent election is one that opens to scrutiny by staff and members. Ensuring transparency in elections can help to establish confidence and trust in the process because voters will have a way to verify results.

Every candidate in an election wants to participate fully in a democratic process, knowing that everything is handled securely and transparently. For you to have a transparent and fair election, there are better ways to consider; some of these are:

  1. Maintain Voter’s Anonymity

If anonymity gets compromised, voters will be able to express their preferences. Basically, there are several ways of compromising the anonymity of voters. Fingerprints left on ballots may be used to connect voters to their ballots, and clandestine cameras at election sites may compromise voters’ anonymity.

Voting also through the Internet, mail, or fax, people can be paid coerced to elect particular candidates outside the administrators’ oversight in elections. However, the best way to avoid this is to encrypt ballot box.

  1. Use Effective Voting Method

Political scientists, mathematicians, economists, and philosophers have come up with different voting methods, which help in selecting leaders. Currently, approval voting (AV) is an electoral system where voters choose a few candidates they deem fit. AV ballots show a list of aspirants, who are contesting for different seats.

The best thing about AV is that minority candidates will not suffer. Their supporters will not be discouraged because other candidates are much better at winning the elections. Since AV allows supporters to elect different aspirants in the same party, voters can choose their favorite candidates and other contenders who have a higher chance of winning the elections. Beyond that, the AV system may also help in:

  • Increasing voter’s turnout
  • Giving voters more flexible options
  • Reducing negative campaigning
  • Electing the strongest and best candidates
  1. Offer Members the Voting Ability

Making elections transparent can also encompass having a comprehensive list of every eligible voting members. An accurate list is important to validate that voters know how to vote and communicate where elections should be done. Whether you are using hybrid, online, or paper voting methods, offering reminders to group members may raise awareness of the elections that are to happen in a few days or weeks. Reminders are effective, especially when promoted across different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With this, you will increase voters’ participation and back up your organization in case group members claim that they didn’t receive notifications for elections.

Every member of the group must expect instructions on the best method they can use to vote. You can also provide login credentials to group members to make the election transparent and easy.

Concluding Remarks!

In every election, members of a group must come together to discuss several options of making the process fair and transparent. This happens in social organizations and businesses, and it may also occur in politics. Today, there are better ways to ensure elections are transparent. Whether you are electing for candidates to contest for governor or presidency seat, you can use AV, maintain voter’s anonymity, or provide group members with the power to vote.

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