Reasons to Invest in Top New WAVs in the United Kingdom

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You should know that WAVs are ergonomic vehicles specifically created to meet users’ needs. Therefore, they use adaptive technologies to provide the best help possible for disabled people.

That way, people with different disabilities can alleviate daily challenges, while caregivers will avoid transferring wheelchairs into a regular vehicle. That way, you can prevent potential issues while boosting your traveling chances. By clicking here, you will learn more about getting a WAV.

You have probably considered the price of a particular wheelchair-accessible vehicle and stopped due to the high price tag compared with a regular car. However, if you wish to help your family member and prevent problems, you should get it. It is essential to understand a few advantages that come with buying a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

Getting Wheelchair

Advantages of Getting Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

  • Additional Mobility 

It is important to remember that WAVs will provide a disabled person with additional mobility, which is a vital factor to remember. It doesn’t matter whether you have a manual or power option because WAVs will enhance the chance of entering inside a vehicle and going wherever you want. The movement is much simpler and more convenient, meaning you should visit a doctor or grocery store without too much hassle.

  • Reduce Pain 

Another important consideration is to avoid transferring the wheelchair to the car’s seat, which is tedious work. Since disabled person comes with injuries that cause pain during similar movements, you should prevent them from happening. With WAVs, you can rest assured and prevent unnecessary pain, especially if the user must handle everything alone without the caregiver’s help.

  • Additional Freedom 

When you get a WAV, you will get additional freedom when driving yourself. It will allow you to go anywhere without the further assistance of family members or professionals. At the same time, if you have a caregiver, it will simplify their work. As a result, you can go anywhere you want, which is an important consideration.

  • Save Time 

You should know that WAVs will save you plenty of time throughout the process. It means you can enter the vehicle using a ramp or lift system, which is much more convenient than lifting the user or wheelchair and entering separately inside.

Watch this video: to learn everything about getting a WAV.

  • Versatility 

Versatility is one of the most significant benefits of having a WAV. It doesn’t matter whether you wish to carry medical equipment and additional wheelchairs, you can adapt it to your needs. Therefore, you can adapt it to your specific requirements, which is vital to remember.

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  • Safety 

Generally, the lift and transfer are convenient features. However, wheelchair-accessible vehicles come with specific designs for people with limited mobility. They feature modifications to ensure disabled people go from point A to point B more securely than before. At the same time, the vehicles feature high-end equipment that will reduce injury risks when getting into it and during travel. The same goes for transferring the wheelchair inside because they feature in-floor ramps, restraint options such as ties, and other things that will ensure comfort and safety.

  • Accessibility 

These cars have additional features that will ensure you can adapt to them. The accessibility means you can get accustomed to them and prevent potential injuries in regular vehicles. We are talking about automated ramp systems, floor ramp technology, low-effort steering, meaning you can handle it easily. The combination of practicality and usability are essential advantages of WAVs, meaning you should get one for yourself or a family member.

  • Financing Options 

You probably know that wheelchair-accessible vehicles are more expensive than regular ones. Therefore, you can choose a wide array of government programs that will allow you to reduce the price tag or get a loan with exceptional terms.The programs come for people with specific disorders, which is vital to remember. On the other hand, if you cannot get assistance, you can find a wide array of dealers with affordable rental options. It means you can get new wheelchair accessible vehicles only when needed.

  • Wide Array of Options 

You can find different models, styles, makes, and features. Back in the day, people with disabilities had to use public transport or conversion vans. However, since technology has advanced, disabled people can use sports vehicles, mini-vans, and trucks, among other options. The main reason is that the manufacturers are building the vehicles by having disabled people in mind. They come with regular advancements and innovative designs that will suit any issue.

  • Inbuilt Controls 

You can find WAVs that feature inbuilt controls, meaning disabled people can drive them without thinking about safety and convenience. We are talking about brake and gas control on steering wheels. With them, people who cannot use their legs can still drive and go where they want to. In some models, you will not get a driver’s seat. It means you can get inside in a wheelchair and drive with ease. Other options feature safety clamps and tie-downs that ensure your wheelchair stays secured, preventing unwanted movement while driving.

Features to Consider

  • Lifts 

The large WAVs come with lifts that will allow a disabled person to get into them. However, the ones with lifts are more expensive than the ones with ramps, which is vital to remember. At the same time, lifts require annual service, but you can cover it with insurance.

The easiest way to understand the regulations that come with wheelchair accessible vehicles is after entering here for additional information.

  • Ramps 

On the other hand, the ramp is the standard option for WAVs, meaning someone should operate it manually by unfolding it from the back. It is vital to consider the angel and length of the ramp, because they come in various sizes. Some of them feature automatic fold after pressing a button.

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