“Rescue us from Japan,” Indians in Japan appeals the Indian government for their safety

Rescue us from Japan," Indians in Japan appeals the Indian government for their safety


Coronavirus doesn’t see any caste, religion, place or location – all it does is damage the people and the surroundings if not taken any necessary precautions. “All they are asking is to rescue them” – Indian citizens from Japan are requesting the Indian government to help them and take them out from Japan.

They want to come home and be safe within their own country.

There are so many people who have gone to other countries for studies, livelihood or business but due to lockdown and spread of coronavirus, they are stuck there. Indians in Japan had gone for foreign trade, youths for jobs and students went for their higher studies and due to lockdown, they are unable to catch any flights as there are none available.

The Indian citizens across the nation – in Japan have every single right to return to their homeland as they are not in other countries.

What’s better than being isolated and quarantined in your country where you will be home and safe following the rules and precautions as per government? Other countries like Hong Kong, the USA, South Africa, and even Japan are evacuating their citizens from other countries.

The news was very clear after the outbreak of pandemic in India – Janta Curfew on 22nd March and completed lockdown on 24th March whereas Japan has announced “the state of emergency” last Tuesday only. Even though there is a state of emergency people are seeking out jobs, using public transport and going out to restaurants.

The emergency didn’t stop them from causality thus leading more risk to Indians there.

This is not just it as the students who went to Japan have completed their annual session on March 31. Thus, causing them more difficult as they are linked with universities, which now over and how they have no place to live.

Similar difficulties with people who came to Japan for work – the contract of one year expired on March 31 and now they have no health insurance, apartment, and facilities. The things linked with the companies and universities are overdue to the outbreak of coronavirus. Another icing on the cake is communication limitations – people in Japan speak Japanese and there are very fewer people who speak English.

Language is limiting the people to visit the hospital and take necessary medications thus increasing the risk of problems more. Things are unusual in Japan as even after the lockdown and positive cases of 6,748, people are not taking it seriously. And Japan is no less risky than Maharashtra in India as the population is similar to each other or even it will be less than Maharashtra but the cases are more than it.

The situation will take a worse turn and Japan will face many difficulties than Italy has faced as the increasing number of casualties and cases. There is no profound following of law thus making it more problematic for Indian people – neither they can communicate, neither they can benefit themselves from medications nor neither they have the place to stay. They are stuck in some other place and the government detains the responsibility to rescue them and take care of others.

The Indians in Japan are seeking help from the government and asking to arrange one flight, which will be sufficient for them. With the assurance to follow the prescribed rules of quarantine and isolation – the Indian citizens are ready to go on the road under government rules. Even though they are ready to take care of themselves if the government in the pandemic situation lacks the facilities and funds for them

All they want to be home and be safe – no place is better than home.

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