Single Mother of Three Living in Deplorable Conditions

allergic attacks and asthma


Excess moisture provides the perfect conditions for mould to flourish. A leaking roof and cracks in the wall that let in damp are only some of the disrepairs in your home that can make you and your family ill. Poor ventilation also causes your home to become dank and musky; mould then flourishes, triggering respiratory conditions like asthma and shortness of breath.

Emma Kerr, a pregnant mum with three kids, has been crying for help to get out of their “desperate situation”. Their home in Haining Road, Renfrew, is in poor condition with so much mould caused by dampness that the structure is deemed unlivable; it even has a roof and a kitchen wall that are collapsing. Her three kids have fallen ill as the council does not seem to be doing anything about her case, in spite of the body having been nudged by Tory Councillor Jane Strang.

A town’s council is responsible for fire and public safety; however, in Emma’s case, they are not able to lend a hand. With the scheduled repairs paused, Strang demands that the council act on Emma’s case as the disrepair in her home is worsening. Her plight, like that of other families, may be directly linked to the pandemic, which appears to have aggravated the area’s housing crisis.

With the council needing more time to look into Emma’s complaints, she and her kids will need to wait, but not without their health continuously deteriorating.

There are several more cases regarding families affected by housing disrepair issues. In Greater Manchester, for instance, a 34-week-pregnant mum with five kids has had to deal with rodents due to the intolerable conditions in her home that have caused mould to thrive. Although her letting agent helps look for a better home to transfer to, they have been having difficulties with their search, thanks to the pandemic.

Damp and mould

The growth of mould due to dampness of your surroundings is one of the most common disrepair problems in cold climates. Poor ventilation traps moisture, creating a damp atmosphere, a conducive environment for mould to grow in. This triggers allergic attacks and asthma, a sign the air in the house is replete with mould spores.

Other housing disrepair problems can grow from a damp environment. In addition, rodents are attracted to untidy homes and look for shelter during the cold season. As mould makes your home seem unsanitary, be sure to cover up holes or cracks in the walls to prevent rodents from entering your home. Broken windows and doors are easy ways in to control pests; therefore, you should make it your priority to get your landlord to fix them before the cold weather sets in.

Claiming for disrepair

If you find any disrepair in your home, your landlord or council will need to know about it right away for the issue to be addressed and repaired in no time. However, there are landlords who prefer to ignore repair requests. You can exercise your tenant rights by insisting that they provide you with a safe home.

Send your landlord an email or SMS to inform them of the disrepair in your home, and of your request to have the damaged sections fixed. Give them 20 days to respond to your request, otherwise you can forward your claim to your town council. The council should send a team to investigate the matter and demand for the landlord to act on your repair requests.

If, however, this still does not work, you may want to look for a solicitor to help you claim for compensation. Housing disrepair experts can help you reach out to your landlord and if that still fails, you can file a case against them.

Emma did approach her town council but they just could not provide the help she needed, prolonging the wait for her house disrepair to be fixed. You should not wait too long for your landlord or the council to respond to your requests. You and your family should not be in such poor living conditions. Your house’s dilapidated condition can affect your health, and you can use this as grounds for your disrepair compensation claim.

Disrepair Claim can help you claim for compensation against your landlord. They will be a significant help as you initiate the restoration of your damaged home. They know that your family’s health and well-being are of utmost priority. Contact them now to know what claims you can make for housing disrepair compensation.

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