Top Shirts Recommended by Experts

Top Shirts Recommendeds


Decent shirts are the crux of any good wardrobe. A stable men’s wardrobe should have quality dress shirts, casual and business shirts. Whether selecting a shirt for casual wear or a formal event, a decent shirt can work both ways. For instance, when a quality shirt is combined with a suit and tie it always looks classy on a wearer.Such as t-shirts, button-down shirts, dress shirts,Cuban collar shirts, office shirts, short sleeves shirts, long sleeve shirts, etc. According to the recent trend, experts suggest that cotton fabric premium quality shirts, having long sleeves are one of the best shirts that men should wear.

These long sleeves, cotton fabric shirts always remain in trend. Also, they are smooth, have high sweat absorbency, and are super comfortable for everyday wear or formal wear. Therefore, this blog has picked the top shirts recommended by experts.

1- Charles Tyrwhitt Button-Down Oxford Shirt

Charles Tyrwhitt rugby button-down collar washed oxford shirt is a super classy looking shirt. This shirt is made with 100 % cotton material. It is a long sleeve shirt that is super comfortable in terms of material quality. The fabric of the shirt is super breathable cotton that makes the wearer feel the extra softness on the skin. A distinctive weave adds a little texture to your look, while the button-down collar enhances a more casual air. Further, it has a relaxed classic fit but you can also get a slim fit size if you want to. Other than this, there is a little embroidered rose is designed on the left chest. This shirt comes in three different colors that feel light and refreshing. You can team it with a pair of black chino shorts, or navy-blue pants for a decent yet classy look. Luckily, you can also get more quality shirts like this with Noon coupon KSA at huge discounted rates.

2- Hugo Boss White Jilisa Oxford Shirt

Hugo boss white Jilisa oxford shirt is made with the finest 100% cotton material. This material is imported from Italy along with themother-of-pearl buttons to be used on the shirts. Further, this shirt should be a staple of every gentleman’s wardrobe. This subtly striped shirt is stitched from the lightweight cotton poplin. Along with this, it has a cutaway collar to house larger tie knots. Other than this, it has subtle running through the back that ensures the slim shape fits comfortably and does not feel sag. You can pair this shirt with the perfect bold navy-blue color pant to make your appearance super classy and stylish.

3- Tom Ford Midnight-Blue Slim Shirt

Tom ford’s midnight-blue slim-fit shirt is dark and classy-looking. This shirt is made with luxurious fine cotton material that has a deep midnight blue vibe that feels perfect for any night event. It is tailored for a slim fit, with a lustrous finish complimented by a mother-of-pearl button. You can pair this shirt with a flight suit or a dark suit as well, both ways it looks fantastic.

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