Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Generous Girlfriend

Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Generous Girlfriend


Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and it is the perfect opportunity for all those in love to express their undying emotions. If you are planning on buying valentine’s day gifts for her, go ahead! Each year this special day is celebrated with more zeal and enthusiasm to make it as special as ever. Women in love, expect gifts from their better halves. Most of all, a woman craves gifts that show that she is remembered forever in her man’s heart. They love presents that are chosen with a great deal of care and love. Birthdays, anniversaries and valentine’s day are the three most romantic events in a year for a lady. Even though men do not attach much importance to these three events, women do, and they expect to be gifted with something they can cherish all year through.

If you are running out of valentine’s day gift ideas, do not panic. Talk to your friends, or follow this article and get the best valentines day gifts for girlfriend.

Gift ideas for your lady love

Men usually do not like to be bothered with buying gifts. They often just end up buying some flowers, chocolates or jewellery. There is nothing wrong with flowers, chocolates or jewellery, but, before you decide what to buy, get to know what your girlfriend favours in each of these categories.


If you buy a basic assorted bouquet for your girlfriend, she might not be so thrilled about it. The colours of each flower denote the extent of a relationship. For example, yellow flowers symbolise friendship. Pink flowers are for admiration and respect – these colours are usually reserved for newer relationships. You may give a white bouquet to a sweet and calm friend. These make the perfect gift for your girl when you cannot spend valentine’s day with her.

For the girlfriend you love, consider getting red roses or chrysanthemums. Each of these will add a wonderful element of surprise and is quite romantic. Red and pink are primarily accepted colours. Your sweetheart will cherish how much you love and care for her.

Carnations are considered to be sturdy yet intricate in structure and form. Bunch of deep red carnations make admirable valentine flowers too. Lilies, orchids, daisies, gerberas and assorted flowers also make appropriate valentine’s day gifts.

Your preferred choice of valentine flowers may be based on the significance of the colour of the flower. It could be red to denote passion, white for peace and serenity, peach or pink for admiration, yellow for friendship and cheerfulness. Green (leaves and stems) for bounty and blue for harmony. With this information in mind, your gift is sure going to convey the message with colours.

Chocolates and sweets

Supplement flowers with a box of imported chocolates if you can afford them and watch how your lady goes gaga over it. When you are planning to get valentine’s day chocolates for her, think about whether she is on a strict diet or not. There are many lite and diet chocolates available in the market for such alternative gifts. You can choose from so many special varieties of chocolates for valentines day. Choose a box that you feel is the most romantic. Many customised chocolates in the market can be specially crafted for your lady love.

Jewellery and perfume

Most women love jewellery, be it silver, gold, diamond or artificial ones. Get the platinum pendant or diamond set that she has been talking about. The other thing your girlfriend might be fond of is fragrance. Women love expensive perfumes. If you are not aware of the brand that she loves, discreetly find out which scent she loves. Get the fragrance your girlfriend loves and order it for her.

If your girlfriend is allergic to certain perfume types, and you don’t know which ones they are, then it is better not to buy perfume for her. You can also browse online gifts for all sorts of unique valentines day present ideas.

Valentine’s day is the celebration of love. It is the thought behind your gift that matters. Buying valentine’s gifts for your girlfriend is not something you do on the spur of the moment. It takes some extra planning, a little bit of thought and loads of love. Wrap it up in a neat package, present it to your woman and enjoy her affections.

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