Waterhog mats – Everything you need to know



Another year, another icy winter! Even if you aren’t shoveling snow in your driveway right now, the time is coming! Mats may be purchased to keep your driveway clean and safe.

Waterhog mats are a simple and effective solution to keep snow from accumulating in your house, office, or industrial setting. These mats have several advantages. You’re undoubtedly interested in getting one if you’re reading this.We realize there are a lot of questions, so we’ll do our best to address them all.

What exactly is a heated floor material?

Snow and ice are melted by a mat. Waterhog ECO Premier Mats are the industry standard for their cost-effective and efficient efficiency. The mats incorporate heating technology and are comprised of long-lasting rubber matting. They melt existing snow by gradually heating it to a constant temperature. This will keep snow and ice from accumulating on your walks and stairs in the future. Waterhog mats are guaranteed to perform in a powerful winter storm since 1 inch of snowfall per hour is considered heavy snowfall.

Externally heated floor mats vs internally heated floor mats –Technology

While some individuals prefer heated walks or driveways, outdoor rubber mats may be quite beneficial. External mats have the benefit of being cheap and simple to install. Because the internal coils must be implanted in roads or pathways, they are challenging to install. If the property is under development, it must be included in the current designs. To put them in an existing building, the walkway, driveway, or staircase must be removed. As a result, inside Waterhog mats will be more expensive than exterior mats. Consider the continuous running expenses as well as the difficulties in repairing or troubleshooting the coils. External mats need the use of an electrical outlet. They are quite simple to attach (plug and play). They are also simple to maintain and fix if issues emerge. All mats come with a 2-year guarantee. We also provide excellent client service. External rubber mats provide all of the advantages of internal coils without the bother.

Cost breakdown – How much will it cost to taste and buy mats?

We are happy to provide the highest quality mats at the most competitive prices. It all depends on whether you want a business or residential mat, as well as the style of the mat (walkway, staircase, or custom-sized), but most exterior rubber mats cost between $150 and $300. They are not required to be put inside. This means you won’t have to rip up any driveways, walkways, or stairwells. Heated snow-melting floor mats may preserve your current floors from harm caused by snow and ice. Heating snow removal mats are much less costly than expensive equipment such as plows or blowers. They also have very cheap operational expenses.

What materials can be utilized in heated materials?

Our heated snow-meltingis made of a very effective bespoke thermoplastic material. Non-slip rubber protects the mats, which include two electrically regulated heating components. They can resist a lot of abuse. They are risk-free, long-lasting, and extremely effective.

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