Why doesn’t my business appear in Google Maps for the searches I want?

Why Does My Business Not Appear on Google Maps


As an SEO Expert visit Google My Business forums almost every day to answer some questions and help businesses that have questions related to their business on Google Maps.

One of the most common questions that come to the forum and also one of the main reasons why they hire my services is that they want to appear in searches for keywords related to their business in Google Maps or that my business does not appear in Google Maps.

How to Exit first on Google Maps

Below you will find the key data that makes an SEO Company Dubai business appear high in the rankings and stand out from the competition of the products and services you offer. In this way, you will stop wondering why my company does not appear in Google Maps to receive customers in your store.

1.- Citations

The citations are references in digital format in various sites that indicate descriptions, addresses, and names of your Digital Marketing business. It is essential that your website is cited or mentioned in various directories, newspapers, and SEO communities so that your company has a certain authority. 

Since having a positive objective we can end up generating conflicts if this task is not carried out in the correct way. It is essential to choose places that fit our location, type of business, and generic directories of a certain quality so that the information is consistent, correct, and not duplicated.

2.- A Refined Business Website

One of the fundamental pieces that Google uses to know who you are on the website of your business. If you have a website that is attractive and easy for Google to read, you will earn a lot.

It is necessary that the titles (<title>) of the web are clear. Include the name of the business, the services it offers, and the city.

The home page has to be informative, should include the key services or products of the business, and with internal links to pages that talk about those services and products.

In all the pages of the web key things must be included. Name, address, phone number, hours, and a link with directions on how to get to the business.

This will help Google understand who you are and what you do better. The service pages have to be unique, do not mix services, and the relevant content. It also includes links to the other services you offer.

3.- Are you Relevant in Your Area?

The content you generate on your website helps Google a lot to know about you. But this is not all. It is necessary to generate links to your website from other businesses in your neighborhood or city. A link from the local chamber of commerce, similar local organizations or accreditations of things in your area is going to be a kind of vote, that you are a relevant and important business.

4.- Links, links and links

You have to get links and citations on a regular basis. This is work that must be done little by little. There are several ways to get links, you just have to be creative. Also remember that not everything goes.

5.- Reviews

Promote people to post reviews on Google Maps, Yelp, Facebook, or any review system.

As you can see it is a lot of work. A task that must be done periodically and over the years. It is not a one time job and reaps the rewards.

There are some people who think that simply by verifying the business through the PIN code, they already have the opportunity to appear at the top of the rankings. There are even people who want to go out exclusively and not do any business. But as you can see, registering is the first step to appear in the rankings. To rise in the rankings it is necessary to do continuous work and once the objective is achieved then try to maintain it.

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