Why is it important to use paint protection film for your car?

Why is it important to use paint protection film for your car?


Paint protection film (also called a clear bra or a clear film) is optimal for protecting your vehicle’s paintwork from wear and tear. Modern automotive paints are more prone to chipping and susceptible to scratches and abrasion than past materials. PPF acts as a barrier between the color and the outside world, soaking up wear and tear. Such films are almost invisible after installation.

The main components of the paint protection film

You can find a roll of ready-to-use film in a store that sells car detailingsupplies; such product contains several layers, each with its purpose.

The bottom is the release liner that protects the other layers; the master must remove it before using the film. A layer of acrylic adhesive occupies the place in the middle; it binds the PPF to the clear coat but remains attached to the film and removes it without problems.

The urethane layer does the most significant amount of protective work – the thickest part of the film; it flexes on impact, absorbs part of the force, and distributes the rest over a wide area.

The modern products also have a thin transparent layer to seal and protect the urethane part from contamination.

This structure allows you to keep your car’s paint for a long time.

All benefits of the paint protection film

Such procedure has a long list of advantages:

  • It’s invisible. You can paint the car, but the thin transparent protective film (PPF) is almost impossible to see. A high-quality clear bra guarantees long-term and reliable protection without significant thickness.
  • Customizable for different clients’ needs. It’s simple to process specific auto parts with die-cut anti-chipping films or wrap the whole body according to your project.
  • Good hydrophobic properties. It means that all liquids and contaminants will accumulate and drain. It’s easier to keep the paint’s shine when dirt, oils, and other substances are absent.
  • Prolong the life of the car. Over the years, the cost of a vehicle has decreased due to the deterioration of mechanical properties and appearance. Paint protection films keep the automobile by effectively repelling debris, rocks, and other influence, causing chips and scratches; there is a self-healing covering.

It’s essential to understand that all of these benefits come with proper film application, without wrinkles and bubbles. PPF warranty period is 5, 10, or 12 years; you must replace it because the film may lose integrity. Some car owners successfully combine a protection film and a quality ceramic coating. They install PPF only on the front of the vehicle and then apply a ceramic layer on top of this and other car parts.

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