6 Things To Look For When Buying Used Rims

6 Things To Look For When Buying Used Rims


You might be on the lookout for used Mercedes Benz rims for sale online. If you are trying to restore an old family vehicle, or you struck out a good deal for a used Mercedes and you want to make some improvements, used Mercedes Benz rims are good choices. However, not all deals out there are as good as they seem.

Junkyard vs. Salvage yards

Junkyard postings might be tempting because of their extremely low prices. However, just as the title suggests, it’s most likely you’ll find just trash here. Junkyard rims could be very damaged and beyond salvation. Now, salvage yards are another thing. If a posting says “salvage yard” item, it means it more or less passed the seller’s quality testing. The only way to find out is to make inquiries and ask for photos of the items again. This way, you’ll know if you can personally still repair the item.

Check the lug holes

What you are looking for is a perfectly round lughole. There are plenty of used Mercedes Benz rims for sale out there that are almost as good as new. They might have slightly higher prices but the markup is worth it. Lug holes that are anything but perfectly round could mean the rims were being driven with wheels that were out of alignment. These rims have taken on a lot of stress and there could be damage waiting to surprise you from within.

Avoid dented rims

Sometimes, rims get dented because the car was running on flat wheels. Sometimes, this is again caused by badly aligned wheels. If you are looking for used Mercedes Benz rims for sale, avoid the dented ones all the time. These could crack under the smallest amount of pressure even if you were able to somehow bend them back into shape again. The integrity of the metal has already been compromised.

Watch out for weld marks

While rim damages can easily be repaired by welding, and for the most part, this repair can make the rims function like brand new again, you must keep away from sellers who try to hide the damages of their used goods. It’s a red flag that this dealer is not very honest and upfront about what his goods lack. Even if you try to bargain, you might still be paying for these items for more than they are actually worth.

Check for oxidation and flaking

Rusting or oxidation and any flaking on the coat of the rims could mean that the metal is already breaking down from within. This could be repaired by recoating, but at a certain point, rusting rims are beyond saving.

Check size and compatibility

Last but not the least, check the size and the compatibility of the used Mercedes Benz rims you are considering. You might purchase something for a good price, and it could somewhat fit your vehicle. Unfortunately, a badly fitted rim can affect the steering capacity of your car. It can also cause serious damage to the alignment and could be very unsafe on the road.

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