Amp Up Your Fashion Game With Different Sleeves In Kurti Designs!

Your Fashion Game With Different Sleeves In Kurti Designs


Fashion industry keeps on changing with time, when it comes to clothing fashion India has much more to give in to audience. Due to diverse country, the clothing line is a huge spread in itself. Be it saree, western outfit, traditional outfit and much more. Besides the trend have you ever got into the details of it or rather it would be the type of outfit you would like to wear. Let’s take a better look at it and how a simple idea can change the dressing style and look of you entire attire.

We can take an idea of simple attire that can be Kurti be it short, long or medium it won’t matter much. But what matters is the type of sleeves you have got with your Kurti. That’s right! No one has really paid attention to it, our focus is towards the design, pattern and look these do matter but sleeves plays an important role in the way you dress up. It can bring out a better look all together with some great desigs and cut outs on the sleeves. Let’s filled up the wardrobe with great design one can flaunt and make a simple kurti look may be elegant, westernized, trendy and much more. A simple idea can help you to stand out in the crowd with doesn’t take much effort or money. Thus let me lay down some of the ideas which can be used on your sleeves to flaunt around.

1. Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves were in trend during the 90s and have come back yet again. These types of sleeves can be used on full length or ¾ sleeves. Towards the end of the pattern on sleeves it opens out like a bell shape thus the name bell sleeves. One can add variation in it by adding frills to it or layers to give a fancy look. It’s in trend and one can’t miss to have this.

2. Criss Cross Sleeves

Criss cross sleeves gives a leverage to those, who are not comfortable wearing sleeveless. As this design is of full length and two strip goes in a cress cross direction which gives a see through look on your arms yet not sleeveless. One can use various colors to enhance the look.

3. Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves were used only on blouse. The puff sleeve on blouse would give a better look of saree. But yet again the style, trend has changed and puff sleeves are used on kurtis which are utmost beautiful and yet cute to be missed. The puff sleeve enhances the shoulder length which gives an individual, entire different personality.

4. Roll Up Sleeves

Roll up sleeves are meant for men, who says that! Yet again roll up sleeves have captured the market like a fire, especially in kurtis. It gives you the benefits of both the world. How? You can roll up the sleeves as ¾ sleeves and give a western look. And if not you can roll down the sleeves as full and give an Indian touch to the attire. This is a must have for your wardrobe.

5. Cold Shoulder Sleeves

Cold shoulder sleeves is a pattern which cuts out round area of shoulder and then you have rest of the sleeves which can be ¾ or full length. This is a trendy look for those who have huge arm size and can’t wear sleeveless or net sleeves, but yet want to try something trendy. Cut out shoulder hides the major arm area with the sleeves and only a cut out of shoulder can be seen.

Thus it’s time not to think much and try the look on as soon as possible!

Above are some of the latest sleeves one can opt for and try enhancing the look by simply getting the right type of sleeves for kurti. A simple idea can change the entire way of your dressing that’s what fashion is all about. It’s important to be stand out in crowd with simple ideas that can bring out the best in you. So it’s time and fill in the wardrobe with latest trendy sleeves for all your Kurtis!

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