Applying for deed Poll

Applying for deed Poll


Applying for a deed poll

Many people change their names after marriage or divorce just because they feel like it. You can change your name if you don’t like it or if you don’t like the spelling. Seeking help from a lawyer to take care of the paperwork would be required if you need to change your name traditionally. Contradictory to this, changing your name legally in the UK is much simpler and cost-effective. The best way of doing so is to seek help from the experts such as the UK Deed Poll Office.

Changing your name by using such a service is simple. The steps to apply for a deed poll are as follows: 

  • Apply for a deed poll for an adult or a child by filling out the online application form.
  • Once the deed poll is processed, it will reach you through the first-class post.
  • Upon receiving the same, you need to get the signature of a witness on the original and duplicate copies of the deed poll.
  • Submit the deed poll copies to various legal agencies such as the HM Passport Office, Banks and DVLA

Is an enrolled Deed Poll the same as a regular one?

A deed poll is an official and legal document to change your name. A copy of your deed poll will be available in the records of Enrolment Books of the Supreme Court of Judicature, at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. After five to ten years, the deed poll will be available in the National Archives at Kew, Surrey. Publishing your new name in the digital and print copy of the London Gazette is one of the main benefits of having an enrolled deed poll. An enrolled deed poll is not essential to change your name legally. It does not make much of a difference if you have applied for changing your name using a regular deed poll.

A paid deed poll is easy to obtain since you need to provide the information required along with the new name while applying for a deed poll. The rest is taken care of by the agency such as the UK Deed Poll Office. These agencies follow a particular format for deed poll that guarantees acceptance at every official institution including DVLA and HM Passport Office. A paid deed poll can be time-saving. Most agencies will process the application within 24 hours.

It is advised to pick a name that will be approved by all potential record holders in the UK. Usually, expert agencies such as the UK Deed Poll Office will provide a complete list of such agencies, along with the deed poll. Keep it in mind that for each service, you would require a copy of the deed poll.

Final Thoughts

A deed poll is an easy way to change your name as the entire process is done online, including secure payment. However, gain awareness and be ready to deal with the necessary paperwork to change the name at every institution and agency.  Take the necessary precautions and research well regarding the implications of changing your name. For instance, if you own a visa in your old name, find out whether the change made in the passport would retain the duration of your visa or you would be required to re-apply for the same. Also, make sure to order copies from a deed poll agency so that you can provide the proof to other agencies when required.

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