Choosing Best Lenses for Your Eyewear

Choosing Best Lenses for Your Eyewear


The most important consideration when choosing the best eyewear is not frames, but eyeglasses, which you should remember.Buying eyeglass lenses is not that simple, especially since you can find numerous options in the market. We recommend you to check out Ray-Ban Glasses that come with the best lenses you can find on the market. You can generally find a wide array of coatings and lenses, which you should understand beforehand.

This detailed guide will help you determine the best eyeglass and choose the best coating.

Why Should You Get Proper Eyeglass Lenses?

When you decide to purchase eyeglasses, the frame will boost your comfort and appearance, which are essential considerations. However, they are essential because they will offer you safety, vision, comfort, and appearance.

Most people make the main mistake because they do not spend enough time considering lens coatings, designs, and materials.

Different Materials You Can Choose

Glass –Back in the day, all lenses came from glass,mainly because they were fantastic for optics. However, the main disadvantage was breaking them, leading to severe issues and even losing an eye in the worst cases.That is the main reason why most manufacturers are not using glass at the same frequency as beforehand.

Plastic – Armorlite Lens Company created the first plastic options in 1947, which were lightweight and practical.They used CR-39 plastic polymer, which was a thermal-cured plastic made by PPG. Since they were much lighter than other materials, feature excellent optical qualities, and affordable price tag, this is still one of the most popular eyewear materials.

Polycarbonate – Gentex Corporation created the first polycarbonate lenses in the early-70s. However, they became widely popular a decade afterward, and they still are. The Air Force first uses it for helmet visors, bulletproof protection, and many other applications. Generally, it is impact-resistant and lightweight compared to other options you can find on the market. Therefore, it is an excellent material used as sports goggles, safety and children’s glasses.

Trivex – We should mention other options that you can find that feature similar impact-resistant features as polycarbonate. It entered the market at the beginning of the new millennia. The great benefit is that you will get a better visual advantage compared with polycarbonate.

High-Index Plastic Lenses – In the last two decades, the demand for lighter and thinner options increased, which is why most manufacturers started creating high-index plastic options. It is lighter and thinner than plasticalternatives, while they come with more significant refraction levels. That way, you can achieve lower specific gravity compared with other types.

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Refraction Index

You should know that a refractive index is a number that will measure how a particular material bends or refracts lights.

The higher the refractive index is, the slower light will pass through it, which means you will get better efficiency. Buying the ones that come with a higher refractive index means that you will protect against the sun’s radiation rays.

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