Introduction to brick cladding and brick slips

brick cladding and brick slips


Brick is an icon of British construction. Since the economic Revolution super-charged its use in residential and commercial building, brick has been a stalwart since. thanks to the abundance of clay, brick established itself because the solid and dependable go-to choice to level-up an industrial nation.

The characteristic red brick colour comes from the iron oxide content of present clay. this provides its buildings both a way of heat and strength.

In recent years, with other structural materials being preferred, the utilization of brick on facades has become more about its aesthetic, sentimental and versatile qualities.

Brick cladding and slips – the frontage of a clay brick, just a couple of millimetres thick – have increased in popularity in recent years partly thanks to this nod to traditional appearance and since they increase its versatility.

Advantages :

Insulation-suited Retain your brick features Installation-friendly Variety of styles Durable Insulation-suited Block slips are regularly applied to boards of protection which are fixed to the external mass of existing structures. this is often referred to as ‘retrofitting’ and is incredible for structures that cannot be protected through divider holes or where inside space may be a premium. Another layer of protection cushioning keeps the structure thermally proficient and buildup free, warm in winter and funky in summer. It likewise improves soundproofing, as well. Numerous such protection frameworks are currently working in sight of block slips.

Retain your brick features

Block slips are the perfect method to carry the tasteful of your lovely block building while additionally protecting it. you’ve got a customary block house, with highlights you’d like better to keep. Block slips permit you to carry a method with regards to different structures around and its current circumstance for the foremost part. Block slips permit highlights to be held (or even improved) while intensify its energy-effectiveness accreditations – fit the 21st Century.


Block slips are tons more slender contrasted with their more seasoned cousins and as they are not inclined toward underlying objects are lighter in weight.

There are various frameworks tweaked throughout the years to form the establishment super-simple. as an example , they often come pre-assembled onto protection sheets in order that they are often fixed right onto the surface of the planning in boards. this is often particularly helpful on bigger business or elevated structures, making them brisk and effective to introduce.

Variety of styles

Brick slips are available an enormous sort of styles and thicknesses. this enables for more elaborate features to be created or maintained. as an example , a standard farmhouse or brick church feature is to possess brick patterns or motifs. These are created on a wall by placing individual bricks either forward out of the wall slightly, or deeper-in from the remainder of the surface. As brick slips are available different thicknesses, it’s possible to realize this effect whilst retaining a flat surface underneath.

As well as red, brick slips also are available during a multitude of other colours and textures to match almost any design brief. They’re even available as highly polished modern tiles (see more on tiles in our other post).


Although lightweight, brick slips also are tough and sturdy because they’re mostly fired a bit like regular clay bricks or cut from full-size bricks. As such, they’re going to withstand extremes of weather and a battering from the weather and may be easily replaced and

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