Coconut Bowls Are Now the Celebrated Product for Consumers Who Wish To Go Green

Coconut Bowls Are Now the Celebrated Product


Many of us would have come across pictures of visually pleasing foods placed in coconut bowls in our Instagram feed. When it comes to cutlery, it is an exaggeration to say, coconut bowl is the future. Made from real discarded coconut shells, these bowls are eye-catching and serve several purposes than thus elevating the aesthetics of the food placed in it.

Coconut bowls for the eco-conscious:

Lately, there is more awareness regarding environmental damage and the depletion of resources. The single-use plastics have littered our environment and given rise to many environmental issues. There is a better understanding regarding the damages incurred and many are opting for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to reduce the environmental footprint.

Why is it a great idea to shift to bowls made of coconut?

  • Zero waste goals: About 99% of coconut shells are discarded and burnt which results in more CO2 emissions. Why not protect this natural resource? Coconut shells are biodegradable, compostable and there is nil production waste.
  • Promotes mindful eating: Users of this bowl feel that eating from it inspires them to consume more of natural whole foods like salads, fruits and smoothies.
  • Durable: You don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking it off the table and cracking it. The material is sturdy and withstands falls. They are long lasting and you won’t have to replace them often.
  • Easy maintenance: Wash the bowl with lukewarm soapy water. If you want to retain the shiny surface of the bowl for long, polish it with coconut oil after about 15 or 20 uses.

Support local artisans and farmer’s livelihoods by opting for these natural bowls. You can purchase high-quality coconut bowls from Jungle Culture. They are the leading suppliers of eco-friendly products in UK featuring BPA-free 100% natural bowls accompanied by matching wooden spoons, bamboo straw, cleaning brush and a straw sleeve.

Ways to use bowls made of coconut:

These natural bowls promote an eco-friendly lifestyle and can be used for more than just holding food. Here is how:

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  • Smoothie bowl for breakfast, healthy salad for lunch, pasta dish for dinner, fresh fruit for dessert
  • Safe way to serve snacks and food to kids
  • Serve fresh fruits or food during dinner parties for guests
  • To separate ingredient when baking
  • To place dips


The bathroom is the space we use more of plastic products to hold our toiletries and other personal belonging. Why not choose an environmental-friendly alternative?

  • Store jewelry, hair accessories, reusable makeup wipes and personal hygiene items
  • Mix home-made beauty products in it
  • Decorative purposes


Apart from improving the aesthetics this is a chemical-free and safe alternative for kids’ rooms compared to other materials like plastic. Use it to:

  • Store jigsaw puzzle pieces, wooden blocks, crayons
  • Mix natural play dough
  • Play outdoors with water or sand


  • In the garden to place small succulents
  • Fill it with water for birds
  • Pack it when you travel so that you won’t have to use plastic straws and containers
  • Picnic at the beach

Plant-based cutlery is trending because of its multi-functionality. Do your part in curbing the environmental damage by using these sustainable cutlery options.

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