Online virtual games have become a very much part of the contemporary world. People are lured towards playing such games. These not only are a source of entertainment, but individuals can even earn by playing and referring such games. Gone are the days when people would spend much time playing the games in the real world, now they hardly find any time for it. Thus, a virtual gaming system has become a reality. One can now play games like cricket, basketball, handball, volleyball, kabaddi and many more just at a single click. All you have to do is download your favourite gaming application, and you are all set. These games are interesting to play and one can even earn if they win or refer such games to others.

Amongst all of the fantasy sports, fantasy cricket has a great demand. The player needs to create his desired team of real-life players, based upon his knowledge and could earn rewards based on how these players perform in the real world. These are various gaming applications where an individual can play fantasy cricket. The player does not play the game himself in reality but tries to determine the next action of the real-life team player, member of the team created by him. The player earns points at each step and the winner is decided based upon these points at the end of the match. These can then be converted into cash at the end of the league or match.

The player needs to complete certain steps before he could begin to play his fantasy cricket league or match. These general rules followed are listed below:

  1. Registration and Online account creation– The very first thing to do is to create an online account. The player needs to provide certain details after which they can create their desired team and begin to play. Various applications also provide for trial matches which one can play to better understand the fantasy games.
  2. Selecting the desired league or match: One needs to select the desired match that the person wants to play. After this, they can continue and join the game.
  3. Creating the desired team of real-life players:Next, the player needs to create his desired team of 11 players from the sizeable list of the real-life players. The team is created based upon the knowledge available to the player about the support. The selected players are the ones who play the game and whose performance in the actual matches determines the rewards for the player. The team shall consist of minimum 3 to a maximum of 6 batsmen, Minimum 3 to maximum 6 bowlers, minimum 1 to maximum 4 Wicket keepers and minimum 1 to maximum 4 all-rounders. The total number of players can not exceed 11.
  4. Defining the strategy and finalising the batting and bowling order:The chances of winning the fantasy league doubles up itself if the player has in-depth knowledge of the sport. The player can play trial matches in the beginning to gain insight into the game. Player needs to alter his strategy as the game progresses. This is a must to ensure more reward and points. The player can create a squad of both the teams that are to compete against each other. You also need to select two distinct members as captain and vice-captain. This is important as a star player and vice-captain get more reward points.
  5. Win Cash rewards and much more:Final points can be converted into cash rewards at the end of the league or match. Here the winners are announced, and ranking is determined. The player can also win various other rewards based upon the terms and conditions. There may be weekly tasks provided to the players that can ensure their engagement and build their interest in the game.

While playing these online fantasy games, one needs to be very proactive and be updated about all the events taking place so that the perfect 11 are selected. One can consider certain tips while playing these fantasy games, checking the real player’s stats and performance in the previous matches can be of great help as these can help define the order of the players in the team. Players should also keep in mind the weather and pitch report if the pitch is dry one can go for spinners rather than swing bowlers. Batsmen should be selected in the top and best order as these are the ones who would be facing the maximum number of deliveries. Also choosing the right captain and vice-captain will help the player get more reward points. Keep checking all the latest updates and announcements that take place during the match.

Fantasy cricket has gained much importance in recent times. One can easily play them on their computers or smartphones. New fantasy cricket apps have further made this easier and players can easily play the virtual games just by downloading the application. Most of the games are available both for the android as well as iOS users. People get attracted by the various rewards offered to them. This is an easier way of earning money as well. Many people have started this as their leisure time activity and a way to have additional income. Also, the payout methods have become quite convenient and simple. Earlier there was risk of final rewards not being paid, but it is not the case anymore. More people have started trusting these gaming apps and at times are ready to purchase their paid versions too.

Fantasy cricket can thus, be called the game of skills. A person having proper skill and knowledge of cricket can only outperform in the game and win various rewards. Keep focusing on the strategy to follow and be updated about all the events taking place. The fantasy sport has taken over the real world and people find it much more enthralling and engaging. One just needs to have proper knowledge and they can easy make money from the same.

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