Short-term accommodation in Exeter – what to visit?

Short-term accommodation in Exeter - what to visit


Wandering through the streets can be a great activity in the first days of your stay when you still don’t know the city. However, after some time, you will most likely start to search for more. What to see and visit when staying in the Exeter area?

Everyone has their favorite method to discover. Some prefer to wander around and stumble across unexpected places, or to talk with locals to get some insightful information. Others prefer to prepare in advance, reading about the place, and looking through the guides. If you rather belong to the second group, this article is for you. In fact, it will be useful to anybody moving into Exeter and having limited time to discover its mysteries. 

Digital nomads, contract workers, students – this southern-western city is definitely more fascinating than it seems at first glance! Here’s what you should include in your trip plans if you already know the center. Whether you are just passing by, staying in one of Exeter hotels, or you’re in the process of searching for long term accommodation, don’t forget to enjoy this bustling town! And obviously, take into mind discovering the surrounding natural areas too.

The underground passages

This attraction is not for the faint-hearted, but definitely worth checking. Built during the XIII century, these passages can give you an idea of how the city looked in medieval times. During the trip through narrow tunnels, you will get a solid dose of history knowledge from a qualified guide. 

Beach trip

Exeter doesn’t have direct access to the sea but within twenty-thirty minutes (depending on the mean of transport), you can get to the coast. In little towns like Dawlish or Budleigh Salterton, you can enjoy a seaside atmosphere of Channel La Manche.

Gandy Street murals

This is a central attraction, however, not everyone notices it at first sight. Gandy Street is well known among locals, being a cultural hub and simply a beautiful place. The murals contribute to this beauty. When passing by, don’t forget to check out the unique little shops and restaurants known for their excellent food. 

The Exeter Brewery

What about visiting a place where you can enjoy the architecture, food, and history at once? Visiting Exeter Brewery will be a great choice in this case. It offers beer tasting, a trip around the building with the guide, and great and affordable meals. Perfect place to be for a beer lover!

If you’d like to enjoy some nature, just rent a car and get lost on the small country roads. You will be amazed by its richness and green scenery. The seaside is close both from the northern and southern side – you can easily reach Bristol and La Manche Canal within an hour.

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