Nasdaq ABEO – Abeona Therapeutics

Nasdaq ABEO – Abeona Therapeutics


Nasdaq is a stock exchange market that shares its last tier with the Global select market under the exchange program of the Nasdaq – GM which has the large value of the marketing cap and thus there is a high chance of getting a big profit when invested in Nasdaq based companies. The global select market is a US-based market and thus requires the international stock to represent on the global platform. This ultimately helps you in expanding your business in the international field as well and earn more profit with this tier.

What is the ABEO stock?

NASDAQ: ABEO at stands for Abeona Therapeutics Inc. Common Stock is basically a market on which investors spend their money in order to earn a profit. The rate of the ABEO market is $3.11 according to the latest report submitted on the 17th of July, 2020. The Nasdaq stock exchange market is looking out for the ABEO market to be turned as strong in the IPO market in this summertime. The sector of the ABEO market is Health Care which is using Major Pharmaceuticals as an industry. The share volume of ABEO is 354,067 and its Average Volume Label is 1,114,521 and also its previous close is $2.98 which turns out to be a profit.

The yearly based which 52 weeks high and low of ABEO market is $5.19/$1.35 respectively and if one considers its market cap then it will give you the result as 260,719,046 and has 1 BETA. It works under the exchange program of Nasdaq – Cm and is one of the top stocks in the list of Biotech stocks and the investors would be compelled to invest in. It is located in Avenue of the Americas of New York in the United States of America and it has set a target to achieve in a year as such $8.00. The forward P/E for the ABEO for at least one year is -4.26 and its earnings per Share which is also known as the EPS is around $-1.66.

The P/E ratio of the ABEO is 9.11 and the annual dividend is $ 0.60 and is currently yielding the profit for about 2.79% in day trade. The ex-dividend date is 29th July of 2020 and the date for the dividend payment is due to 10th July of 2020.


There are so many important people running this company such as the VP, Chief Financial & Accounting Officer is Edward G.  Carr and Jay Bircher is the Senior VP-Quality & Technical Operation. The Chief Executive Officer & Director is Joao Siffert and Jodie Gillon is holding the position of Vice President-Clinical Affairs. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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