Why is Managing Paper Waste Important?

Why is Managing Paper Waste Important


In case you’re wondering how paper is made, it involves many trees and the raw wood that turns into a pulp which is the result of watery mixture including wood fibres, water, lignin, and certain chemicals that are utilised during the pulping process. Most of the time, for quality’s sake, the wood is turned into pulp chemically or mechanically.

Moreover, the lengthy process of making paper also involves far more energy and water than if it is manufactured using recycled paper hence being the cause of emitting methane and other toxic gases into the environment. This is why managing your paper waste in your work spaces is important.

Use Kindle and Other Digital Features

If you’re a voracious reader, you can substantially reduce the use of paper by diving into technology and accessing a kindle. Mind you that, you get to save more than a tree because you are reading a paper-less book. Some colleges do offer free Kindles devices to selected students and faculty for their reading assignments. You can help by contributing to achieve the goal of becoming “carbon neutral”.

You don’t have to stick to Kindle to save printed paper by starting your paperless journey. There are many other digitised features and apps that can help you organise your paper use. You can master Google Suites or Drive that allows you to store and create any files. Also other productive applications such as DropBox and Good Notes which not is a single place for all your documents but gives you the privilege to take notes.


A great initiative to start in your homes would be to reuse as much paper as you can along with the rubbish removal Leeds. If you have children around the house, get them to come up with unique creative ideas in a way to incorporate all the paper and old magazines into wonderful and unique things using your imagination and crafting skills. Also you don’t have to isolate your skills only as an advantage, you can shift to your focus when it comes to decorating your homes during seasonal festivals and holidays. Old glossy magazines could help with creating DIY wreaths for your front door or you could water colour black white papers and use it as a confetti.

Don’t Overprint

Again, paper making takes a colossal amount of energy and natural resources. An average rate of 80,000 to 160,000 trees are cut down everyday to boost the paper industry which then adds all the chemicals to segregate the wood into individual fibres. To reduce all the paper pollution you are silently causing, you can make progress with suggesting to print documents using both sides.

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This is mostly overlooked when we are rushing to meetings carrying those paper documents. You can declutter a whole load of your documents library if simple tasks are done like this.

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